as you see, I enjoy the swiss breath
yours Dosi

where are all the visitors - I do not bite


here on this mountains I am the boss


where is the water for bathing?
Cira from belgium

bathing makes me always so tired
your piece of gold Cira from belgium


a well guarded sleep of the fair one
your Hannibal


Hitchcock - a young short hair male

greetings from yugoslavia - Branko




Tino still will not listen to me - by the way I this area
very well - your Urmel



a lot of joy at the sea in spain
Callas and Zarah

is now time to go the exhibition?
Callas and Zarah in spain


a sunny day at the terrace - Snoopy sends greetings from Berlin


three great friends - Maxim



I will catch you too - Maxim

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