Branka from Finland asks - am I an Elk ?


Elisabeth with her nanny Anna


They understund each other - Gina from Styria


Look in my eyes, cat - Gina from Styria


This is my kingdom - the "Riedlalm" - your Xaver


Little Playboy and his model Zebolo

Just want to lay me down. Always this photos.
I will get imagined - yours Zebolo


Just h aving a break - I am a model for hair advertising



Where is Anita Ekberg. I hope she is coming soon.
I am still 9 years old - your Puma

Kemo Sabe

If she will not come I will dream about her - Puma


a young male with hopeful future - Zorro from belgium


Urmel vom Fugerhof mit Tino

At last, he understood it, their plays the music
Urmel with her friend Tino

Urlmel vom Fugerhof

Urmel vom Fugerhof with the coach Anni has
passed the "Begleithundeprüfung 1" with excellent success
- the proud breeder


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