I have arrived in Toronto - Yours Lindell


I am a teen - I'm only missing the tyrolean mountains -yours Lindell


Digo and mother Urmel


Uzilla - 15 moths old

greetings from Netherlands


Ella - what's look


Before starting in the water, I have do take a shower
your Betzi from Vienna


I will not come in - because that will become then
too close - Odysseus - called Betzi


a little round for disucssion at the great St Bernhard
Betzi  at the place of origin from the Saints Bernards



I have just made my examination for 'Begleithunde' with
good success, and now I have to sit for some photos -
I am not happy with that - yours Werner Josef


Zillion with his great love Nebia


I am the boss here - Nero sends greetings from Tyrol


culture of plants - the rare Saint Bernardtree

one of Baron's sons

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