Greetings from Palermo - your Nikita


What will be behind this clouds? Greetings
from the beautiful Vienna - Santos


Dora is learning french


now we will learn the 'Tyrolean Jodler'


but I get strongly problems with my tongue! - your Daisy


two lucky winners - greetings from family Woerndl



She means, I need a hearing aid - that is wrong -
I hear only what I want - Mrs Neuroth with her
sunshine - Hummel

Today we have closed - Gasthof 'Weißes Rössl'
family Steiner with Kenny


Greetings to my buddys at the Fugerhof
as you can see, I am fine - yours Maxim



Is it still far to the summit of this mountain?
Family Feldhofer with Lorenzo
BGH 3 with very good success -
a great achievement for a Saint Bernard

No beer for dogs, and I have the whole
way down to the valley - poor Lorenzo


finally - we are up at the mountain - greetings - your Hannibal and family Lübeck


without words

Where is the milk today - your Kondor from Dornbirn

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