here on the farm I am watching out,
your Wotan


a friend - the whole way of life
Rambo from Tösens


Amika - a noble short hair female


If photographing still goes on for me,
also will stand up my hair.
Wau - your Nero


finally finished - now i can present me from my
best side - your Nero


Linda's first birthday



We do not leave ourselves to be stressed

Soon new generations at the Fugerhof - Callas and Ilja


Samy - Tjerbo
greetings from Belgien


Head study of a young
long hair male

Head study


Where did you hide my money bag ?


Our sunshine from Attersee - Bodo


hello my aunt´s and uncle´s at the Fugerhof - I am a
mother now - your Ulla from the beautiful netherlands

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